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Change in the Aftermath of the Pandemic
Virtual Townhall
Monday, April 20, 2020
1 - 3pm

Cedar Trees Institute has partnered with grassroots leaders from Common Vision, Common Action to host a virtual Townhall for the Victoria region. Join academics and activists from across Greater Victoria to develop a Regional Vision for how we, as a community committed to ecological and social justice, should change in the aftermath of this pandemic.
How Democracy Doesn’t End
Anthony Simon Laden,
University of Illinois at Chicago


I wrote this piece in and for a different political era (ca. Feb. 2020), when the issue on the minds of people concerned with the fate of democracy (at least in the US) was the impeachment and subsequent acquittal of Donald Trump for abuse of power and contempt of Congress.  I offer it here as I wrote it, rather than trying to adapt it to our current situation.  I am wary of falling into the familiar trap of arguing, “everything is changed, and that just shows that we should do what I have been advocating all along!”  I hope it is nevertheless helpful for thinking through what a democratic response to this crisis might look like.

CBC Listen
On The Island with Gregor Craigie: Speaking with CTI fellow Dr. Pablo Ouziel
Aired April 10, 2020


A view from the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in Europe - Gregor Craigie speaks to Cedar Trees Institute fellow Dr. Pablo Ouziel who is studying Spain's response to the Covid-19 crisis and taking care of his family.