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COVIDA Collective
Founded 2020
In collaboration with CTI, CFGS and EUCAnet.


COVIDA is a collective of academics who aim to provide a fresh, transformative perspective on global politics. COVIDA was founded by a group of students and professors who desired to make a lasting impact on the world around them. As such, the group’s name is reflective of the global environment in which COVIDA was created. COVIDA’s translation from Latin means ‘living together’ which ties into the group’s overarching objective of getting individuals to work together as equals to create a better world.

Phenomenologies of
Direct Action
June 10-17, 2020
In collaboration with CFGS and EUCAnet.


Climate change has produced catastrophic visions of a global crisis unfolding before our eyes whose consequences will be as unforgivable as they will be irreversible. As the waters rise, the far right has seized upon this moment to move to the center of the global political stage. Such a moment calls for addressing the convergent political aspirations of those seeking to resist and subvert efforts to dismantle democratic institutions from within, locally as well as globally. Coming from diverse intellectual and personal backgrounds our working group shares a commitment to comparative analysis as a means toward illuminating the specificities of local conditions as well as historical conjunctures on scales that approach the global.

Direct Action_3.jpg
Constitutionalism in the
Age of Populism
March 6-8, 2020
In collaboration with CEDoD and EUCAnet.


Increasingly, scholars and commentators have voiced concern over the rise of populist politics. A principal focus of this concern has been constitutionalism: the
processes, constraints, and foundational understandings of constitutional government. Populists appear to flout these processes, constraints, and understandings, or alternatively harness them to their ends. In response, critics accuse populists of undermining liberal democracy. These arguments frequently focus on the role of the courts in relation to the popularly elected branches of government. Are the courts frustrating the will of the people? Are the judges overstepping their role?

Youth Climate Justice Activism Webinar
Aug 15, 2019
In collaboration with EUCAnet.


Youth climate justice activists – from the streets to the courts – have been changing the conversation about climate change at the local, national and global levels. Hear from youth activists and allies from movements in the UK and Turtle Island as they share their experiences with one another and discuss the ways forward, including potential legal actions at the national levels, drawing on the experience of 21 youth suing the US government for climate change (Juliana vs. US). 

CTI_Webinar _YouthClimateJustice_3.jpg
Democracy & its Futures
March 22, 2019

In collaboration with CEDoD and EUCAnet.


In a series of videos, as part of the conference, some of our guest speakers were asked the following key questions which have guided the accompanying conference:

What are the major problems facing democracies? What are the democratic ways to resolve these problems?

CTI Web_Videos_Group3.jpg
Democracy & its Futures
March 22, 2019

In collaboration with CEDoD and EUCAnet.


What are the major problems facing democracies? What are the connections between these problems? What are the democratic ways to resolve these problems and reconcile all affected by them?

The workshop brought together scholars who  presented enlightening responses to these three questions from a wide variety of perspectives. They engaged in a comparative and critical dialogue oriented to reciprocal elucidation, mutual understanding and democratic ways forward.

Public Debates in
Turbulent Times:
Academia and Media
March 19, 2019


In collaboration with MSEUCA and EUCAnet.


Contemporary Western democracies suffer from a declining trust in the political process and massive disinformation in particular in social media. Yet democracy rests on the process of decision making mediated through procedures of free public deliberation. Experts from academia, media, and various civil society communities discuss the challenges that public debates and the public engagement of academics face with a view to the futures of democracy.

The Crises of Democracy,
the Global South, and Globalization from Below?
An Online Discussion between Boaventura de Sousa Santos
and James Tully
March 15, 2019


What are the major problems facing democracies and how can we address them in democratic ways ?


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